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A stack of chocolate almond bard and chocolate almond bars on a marble background.

72% (Dairy Free) Chocolate

12 products
    12 products
    Thin sheets of almond bark are shown in dairy free dark chocolate. The sheets are broken into pieces, exposing the toasted almonds inside.
    72% Dark Chocolate Almond Bark (Dairy Free)
    from $42.00
    Mounds of toasted coconut enrobed in 72% dark dairy free dark chocolate are stacked up together.
    72% Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters (Dairy Free)
    from $42.00
    Small rectangular bars of 72% dairy-free dark chocolate are stacked up together. Almonds are visible in the chocolate bars.
    72% Dark Chocolate Bars (Dairy Free)
    from $13.50
    Extra dark, 72% dairy-free chocolate is broken up into rustic chunks.
    72% Dark Chocolate Break Up (Dairy Free)
    from $24.00
    Slices of candied, glace orange, enrobed in 72% dark dairy-free chocolate are stacked together.
    72% Dark Chocolate Glacé Orange Slices (Dairy Free)
    from $30.00
    Four candied peaches are half dipped in dark chocolate with a dark chocolate drizzle.
    72% Dark Chocolate Glacé Peaches (Dairy Free)
    Small dollops of 72% Dark Dairy-Free chocolate sit together.
    72% Dark Chocolate Drops (Dairy Free)
    from $14.00
    Bright green marzipan that is molded into bite-sized acorn shapes are lined up together. The acorn “cap” end is made by dipping the marzipan into 72% dark dairy-free chocolate.
    72% Dark Chocolate Marzipan Acorns | Dairy Free
    from $49.00
    A cellophane bag of 72% Dark Chocolate Almonds.
    72% Dark Chocolate Almonds, 8 oz. Bag (Dairy Free)
    A clear cellophane bag of 72% Dark Dairy-Free chocolate drops sits with a few chocolate drops scattered on the table next to it.
    72% Dark Chocolate Drops, 8 oz. Bag (Dairy Free)
    Purple logo cardstock window box is filled with 72% Nonpareil Snowcaps.
    72% Nonpareil Snowcaps Window Box (Dairy Free)
    A handsome brown box with a bold graphic design and a window showing through to the chocolate bar
    A group of six boxed chocolate bars artfully arranged with a few broken pieces in front
    72% Gourmet Boxed Dairy Free Chocolate Bars
      Discover the rich taste of our 72% Extra Dark (Dairy Free) Chocolate from Li-Lac Chocolates in New York.  Made with 72% cocoa solids from West Africa beans aged to produce a surprisingly mellow and balanced flavor. These gourmet chocolates contain no dairy ingredients, although because they are processed on shared equipment, they may contain traces of dairy.
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