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FedEx on-time delivery guarantees are suspended. Please allow additional time for packages to arrive. 

a chocolate football and number one dad sign on a field of grass with blue sky.

Father's Day Chocolate

14 products
    14 products
    A three-dimensional chocolate molded Ferrari style car.
    A chocolate molded labrador retreiver is laying down with it's head lifted.
    Molded chocolate Pizza Slice has a crust and some toppings.
    Pizza Slice (2 Slices)
    A one-pound square box containing fifty-one assorted dark chocolates with nuts. The box has a brown base and a purple lid with watercolor lilac motifs. The assorted chocolates inside the box are all dark chocolate shapes, each with different kinds of nuts. The way the chocolate is molded, you can see the nuts inside.
    51 pc. Continental Assortment (1 lb.)
    A rectangular box containing fifteen assorted truffles. The box is gold with narrow purple stripes. The lid is the same gold striped pattern with a spray of watercolor lilacs. The chocolate ganache truffles inside the box are assorted flavors in milk and dark chocolate.
    15 pc. Truffle Gift Box
    A life-size basketball molded out of dark chocolate. It has the texture and grooves like a real basketball.
    Basketball (Life Size)
    Chocolate Football (Life Size)
    milk chocolate life size football with white chocolate stitching for laces
    Football (Life Size)
    Chocolate Soccer Ball
    Soccer Ball (Life Size)
    Pecan chews enrobed in milk or dark chocolate are stacked together. One is cut in half revealing the interior of a big dollop of caramel studded with pecans.
    Pecan Chews
    from $42.00
    A three-dimensional chocolate molded Motorcycle.
    Three chocolate baseballs sit together; one milk chocolate, one white chocolate and one dark chocolate.
    Chocolate Golf Balls
    Golf Balls (Box of 8)
    6 chocolate tools including a hammer, saw, wrench, pliers and more.
    6 piece Tool Set
    Chocolate Golf Bag - Li-Lac Chocolates
    Golf Bag & Balls

      Celebrate Father’s Day with a gourmet Chocolate Gift from Li-Lac Chocolates in New York. Dad will love to receive a Chocolate Football, Baseball, Golf Balls and other specialty items designed to recognize his favorite passion. Handmade in Brooklyn. Freshness Guaranteed. For an extra special touch, add a #1 Dad Pop with your gift.

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