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a chocolate high heel and the purple box it come in next to a MOM lolly along with some lilac floral images.

Mother's Day Chocolate

10 products
    10 products
    An open box displaying the chocolates inside with the cover partially covering the  top showing a floral lilac pattern on the box top
    Twelve chocolates lined up in three rows with the name/flavor listed below each image.
    38 pc. French Assortment (Chocolate Gift Box, 1 lb.)
    White Chocolate Handbag shown with its purple box and Li-Lac ribbon. The handbag has a milk chocolate handle and floral clasp.
    Handbag (Life Size)
    A life size chocolate molded three-dimensional high heel. It is chocolate with polkadots.
    High Heel (Life Size)
    A round box with a clear lid is tied with a springtime ribbon. The box contains 20 pieces of assorted chocolates including a large pink foiled chocolate heart and foiled chocolate pansies.
    Mother's Day Chocolate Gift Box (20 pc)
    Chocolate Lilac nonpareils sit inside a clear box.
    Lilac Nonpareils Box
    A purple branded card stock box holds three molded chocolate lipsticks. Each lipstick has a different color chocolate.
    Chocolate Lipstick Box
    Mother's Day Chocolate Lolly has molded lace edges and MOM written in pink chocolate in the center.
    Mom's Chocolate Lolly
    A oval box with a clear lid filled with 9 colorful chocolates. of chocolates.
    Mother's Day Chocolate Gift Box (9 pc)
    A low, oval wicker basket is tied with a purple Li-Lac Chocolates ribbon. The basket holds one home assortment chocolate box, box of French mints, one boxed chocolate bar, a bag of chocolate espresso beans, two chocolate tulips and one chocolate butterfly wrapped in colorful foil, salted caramels in a purple window box, a 7” chocolate champagne bottle.
    Signature Chocolate Basket (3 lbs.)
    A treasure chest made of molded chocolate sits with the removeable lid half off. Inside the chest are nestled an assortment of 20 gourmet truffles. A rectangular gift box sits behind the treasure chest. The base of the box is dark brown and the lid of the box is gold. It is tied with a dark brown Li-Lac Chocolates branded ribbon.
    Treasure Chest filled w/20 Truffles

      Celebrate Mother’s Day with fresh, gourmet chocolate from Li-Lac Chocolates in New York. Discover New York's best selection of chocolate gifts for Mom, including our Mother’s Day 9 piece and 20 piece chocolate Gift Box. Handmade in Brooklyn. Kosher Certified. Freshness Guaranteed. 

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