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A chocolate chess set and two chocolate dinosaurs on a marble background.

Chocolate Animals

35 products
    35 products
    A dark chocolate molded alligator with a long, curved tail.
    A sitting dark chocolate molded basset hound. He has cute big ears and a little tongue sticking out.
    Basset Hound
    Out of Stock
    Chocolates wrapped in foil that have a decoration that makes them look like little round smiling bumblebees.
    Bumblebees (Box of 20)
    Molded chocolate butterfliies are wrapped in brightly colored foil.
    Butterflies (Box of 6)
    A cat molded out of chocolate sits with its little tail wrapped around its front leg.
    A cat molded out of chocolate sits. It has textured fur and a bow tied around its neck.
    Cat (BIG)
    A dark chocolate, three-dimensional cow with white chocolate spots.
    A sitting white chocolate dalmation dog with dark chocolate spots and collar.
    A three-dimensional chocolate molded dolphin.
    A molded chocolate donkey.
    Three-dimensional doves sit atop a little base. The doves beaks face one another.
    Doves (Kissing)
    Out of Stock
    A small chocolate elephant with a raised trunk.
    Big molded chocolate elephant.
    Elephant (Big)
    A molded chocolate horse shoe.
    Horseshoes (Box of 4)
    A three-dimensional molded chocolate kangaroo.
    Giant molded chocolate King Kong style gorilla. He beats his chest with a wide mouth growl.
    King Kong Gorilla
    A cute little molded chocolate Koala Bear sits in the branches of a tree.
    Koala Bear
    A chocolate molded labrador retreiver is laying down with it's head lifted.
    Chocolates wrapped in red and gold foil that have a decoration that makes them look like little round smiling ladybugs.
    Ladybugs (Box of 20)
    Out of Stock
    A sitting molded chocolate lion, he has a full mane.
    A dark chocolate ark has animals made from milk and white chocolate.
    Noah's Ark
    A molded chocolate Owl sits on a log. It has lots of detailed feathers.
    Owl (Wise & Old)
    An adorable penguin molded from chocolate tilts his head, wearing a little bowtie.
    A sitting molded chocolate pig.
    A giant molded chocolate pig has a gold foiled chocolate coin in its back.
    Pig (Giant)
    A milk chocolate molded three-dimensional poodle dog with a cute haircut.
    Poodle Dog
    Pudgie Bear is a three-dimensional molded chocolate teddy bear.
    Pudgy Bear
    A milk chocolate molded three-dimensional Scottie dog.
    Scottie Dog
    A two-dimensional molded chocolate Snapper Fish with lots of molded details like gills and fins.
    Snapper Fish
    A molded chocolate squirrel has a fluffy tail and is nibbling on an acorn.
    Molded chocolate swans have their heads tucked in making an arched neck. There are feather details as well.
    Three dimensional molded chocolate swans have long arched necks.
    Swan (Love Bird)
    A three-dimensional molded chocolate Turtle.
    A three-dimensional molded chocolate Sperm Whale.
    A standing molded chocolate Zebra has stripe details.

      Discover your favorite animals made in chocolate from Li-Lac Chocolates in New York. We offer numerous sentimental chocolates and hand-crafted specialty molds for every occasion. By choosing a custom shaped chocolate treat, you portray to your loved one that you really took time to pick something special just for them. Even for hard-to-please family members or friends, our novelty chocolate gifts are a big hit. Not only do they treat the taste buds, but they also dazzle the eyes. Our skilled chocolatiers in NYC handmake every item with specialty chocolate molds to present you with an extensive line of novelty chocolates that have a dramatic flair.

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