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A chocolate chess set and two chocolate dinosaurs on a marble background.

Sport Icons

12 products
    12 products
    A life-size basketball molded out of dark chocolate. It has the texture and grooves like a real basketball.
    Basketball (Life Size)
    A life sized molded chocolate Soccer Ball has some hexagons painted in white chocolate on dark chocolate.
    Soccer Ball (Life Size)
    Life size molded chocolate football has pigskin texture and white chocolate stitching details.
    Life size molded chocolate football has pigskin texture and white chocolate laces stitching details.
    Football (Life Size)
    A molded chocolate Golf Bag  has clubs coming out of the top and two white chocolate golf balls sitting next to the bag.
    Golf Bag & Balls
    A white chocolate baseball sits in a dark chocolate molded glove.
    Baseball Glove & Ball
    Three chocolate baseballs sit together; one milk chocolate, one white chocolate and one dark chocolate.
    Life sized molded chocolate Golf Balls even have the little dimples molded into the surface.
    Golf Balls (Box of 8)
    Little molded chocolate Footballs have whote chocolate stitching details.
    Small Football
    A chocolate molded, old fashioned Ice Skate Boot.
    Ice Skate Boot
    Molded Chocolate hocky puck has crossed hockey stick logo in the middle.
    Hockey Pucks (Box of 4)
    A molded chocolate Tennis Racket has grip details and netting details.
    Tennis Racket
    Malt balls, chocolate covered almonds, espresso mix and chocolates wrapped in foil to look like footballs are artfully placed on a platter.
    Chocolate Football Platter
      Discover your favorite sport icons made in chocolate from Li-Lac Chocolates in New York. We offer numerous sentimental chocolates and hand-crafted specialty molds for every occasion. By choosing a custom shaped chocolate treat, you portray to your loved one that you really took time to pick something special just for them. Even for hard-to-please family members or friends, our novelty chocolate gifts are a big hit. Not only do they treat the taste buds, but they also dazzle the eyes. Our skilled chocolatiers in NYC handmake every item with specialty chocolate molds to present you with an extensive line of novelty chocolates that have a dramatic flair.
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