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two chocolate dreidels, one open showing chanukah coins inside and another stack of chanukah coins against a blue textured background.

Kosher Chanukah Chocolate

14 products
    14 products
    A round box with a clear lid is tied with a blue ribbon. The box contains 20 pieces of assorted chocolates including pieces of gold foiled gelt.
    20 pc. Chanukah Chocolate Gift Box
    A chocolate molded dreidel is filled with a couple of pieces of foil wrapped Gelt.
    Dreidel filled w/Gelt
    An open box displaying the chocolates inside with the cover partially covering the  top showing a floral lilac pattern on the box top
    Twelve chocolates lined up in three rows with the name/flavor listed below each image.
    38 pc. French Assortment (Chocolate Gift Box, 1 lb.)
    Chocolate nonpareils with blue and wite colored candy dots are inside a clear box.
    Chanukah Nonpareils
    A treasure chest made of molded chocolate sits with the removeable lid half off. Inside the chest are nestled an assortment of 20 gourmet truffles. A rectangular gift box sits behind the treasure chest. The base of the box is dark brown and the lid of the box is gold. It is tied with a dark brown Li-Lac Chocolates branded ribbon.
    Treasure Chest filled w/20 Truffles
    8-Pc. Chanukah Chocolate Box - Li-Lac Chocolates
    8 pc. Chanukah Star Box
    A little cardstock gold foiled Chanukah Chest is filled with pieces of stamped, foil wrapped Chocolate Gelt
    Chest of Gelt
    Four boxes of chocolate have been beautifully gift wrapped in gold foil paper. They are stacked on top of each other and tied together with a dark brown Li-Lac Chocolates logo printed ribbon with a round gift tag.
    Tower of 4 Chocolate Gifts
    A treasure chest made of molded chocolate sits with the removeable lid half off. Inside the chest is filled with chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil.
    Treasure Chest filled w/Gelt
    A low, oval wicker basket is tied with a purple Li-Lac Chocolates ribbon. The basket holds one home assortment chocolate box, box of French mints, one boxed chocolate bar, a bag of chocolate espresso beans, two chocolate tulips and one chocolate butterfly wrapped in colorful foil, salted caramels in a purple window box, a 7” chocolate champagne bottle.
    Signature Chocolate Basket (3 lbs.)
    Chanukah Chocolate Gelt Coins, wrapped in foil and stamped to have Chanukah greetings on one side and a Menorah in a Star of David on the other.
    Premium Gourmet Milk Chocolate Chanukah Gelt
    from $36.00
    Foil wrapped chocolates stamped to look like Gold Coins
    Premium Gourmet Milk Chocolate Gold Foiled Coins
    from $36.00
    Chocolate molded Star of David is on a lolly stick.
    Star Pops
    Molded chocolate menorah has a Star of David in the center and is on a lolly stick.
    Menorah Pop
      Celebrate Chanukah with New York's best selection of kosher gourmet chocolate gifts from Li-Lac Chocolates, including premium chocolate Dreidels filled w/Gelt, Chanukah Boxes, Chanukah Gelt, Menorah Pops, and other gourmet gifts for the holidays.  All our chocolate is Kosher Certified OU-D.  Handmade in Brooklyn.  Avoid the holiday rush and place your order early!
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