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French Mint Platter
Table-Top Platter: French Mints

French Mint Platter

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Made Fresh to Order
  • Contains about 100 pieces
  • Platter Size: 8.5"
  • Serves about 35 people
  • Kosher Certified OU-D
  • Gluten Free

French Mint Platter

This tempting French Mint Chocolate Platter is the perfect after-dinner treat. Each square is made with a fresh mint filling sandwiched between two delicate layers of dark chocolate and decadently arranged on this 8-1/2" table-top platter. Serves about 35 people. Handmade in  Brooklyn.  Kosher Certified. Gluten Free. Ships in 24 hours. 

Each platter is sealed for freshness and ready to serve. Store in a cool, dry room (55 - 68 degrees). Keep away from sunlight. Do not refrigerate.

- Contains 100 pieces
- Net Weight: 1.9 lbs
- Platter Size: 8.5"

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