Create a special and memorable chocolate favor for your wedding party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner. Select from personalized chocolate Favor Boxes or Wedding Baskets that add a classic touch to your special celebration. We can create custom favors and make special ribbons to match your style and theme.

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Products (Total Items: 24)
Bride & Groom (Topper)<br>
Bride & Groom (Topper)
Truffle Favor Boxes (2 pc)
Truffle Favor Boxes (2pc)
$4.25 - Favor Box
Truffle Favor Boxes (4 pc)
Truffle Favor Boxes (4 pc)
$7.50 - Favor Box
Lilac Nonpareils Box<br>
Lilac Nonpareils Box
Bride & Groom Hearts<br>
Bride & Groom Hearts
$3.25 - Favor Bag
Heart Favors<br>
Heart Favors
$3.25 - Favor Bag
Wedding Bell Favors<br>
Wedding Bell Favors
$3.25 - Favor Bag
Bride & Groom (Favors)<br>
Bride & Groom (Favors)
$12.00 - Favor Bag
Rose Favors<br>
Rose Favors
$3.75 - Favor Bag
Bride & Bride (Favors)<br>
Bride & Bride (Favors)
$12.00 - Favor Bag
Custom Favor Box (2 pc)
Custom Favor Box (2 pc)
$4.95 - Favor Box
Custom Favor Box (4 pc)
Custom Favor Box (4 pc)
$8.25 - Favor Box
Groom & Groom (2' Tall)<br>
Groom & Groom
Swan (Love Bird)
Swan (Love Bird)
Groom & Groom (Favors)<br>
Groom & Groom (Favors)
$12.00 - Favor Bag
High Heel Favors<br>
High Heel Favors
$4.75 - Favor Bag
High Heels (Life Size)
High Heels (Life Size)
Milano Handbag Favors<br>
Milano Handbag Favors
$4.75 - Favor Bag
Grand Piano<br>
Grand Piano
Wedding Heart Favors <br>
Wedding Heart Favors
$4.25 - Favor Box
Deluxe Chocolate Basket<br><span style='font-size: 11px;'>1.75 lbs. - </span>
Deluxe Chocolate Basket
Special Occasion Basket<br><span style='font-size: 11px;'>1.75 lbs. - </span>
Special Occasion Basket
Wedding Basket<br><span style='font-size: 11px;'>2.75 lbs. - </span>
Chocolate Wedding Basket
Signature Gift Basket<br><span style='font-size: 11px;'>3.75 lbs. - </span>
Signature Gift Basket

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