Fresh Chocolate

Discover fresh, gourmet chocolate hand crafted in small batches for exceptional quality and superior taste. Select from from best-selling items like Almond Bark and Butter Crunch or choose classic favorites like Caramel Bars or Pecan Chews. Every delicious item is made by hand, locally in New York City, and guaranteed for freshness.

Check out our Dairy Free and Sugar Free options!

Products (Total Items: 50)
Almond Bark<br>
Almond Bark
$36.00 lb.
Butter Crunch<br>
Butter Crunch
$36.00 lb.
Caramel Bars <br>
Caramel Bars
$22.50 (Box of 6)
Walnut Caramel Bars<br>
Walnut Caramel Bars
$22.50 (Box of 6)
Caramel Squares <br>
Caramel Squares
$17.60 (Box of 16)
Salted Caramels<br>
Salted Caramels
$17.60 (Box of 16)
Chocolate Bars<br>
Chocolate Bars
$11.25 (Box of 3)
Chocolate Break Up<br>
Chocolate Break Up
$20.00 lb.
Raspberry Creams<br>
Raspberry Creams
$20.00 (Box of 20)
Cream Patties<br>
Cream Patties
$22.50 (Box of 6)
Chocolate Drops<br>
Chocolate Drops
$23.00 - lb.
Chocolate Rolls<br>
Chocolate Rolls
$26.25 (Box of 7)
Coconut Bars<br>
Coconut Bars
$18.75 (Box of 5)
Coconut Clusters<br>
Coconut Clusters
$32.00 lb.
Chocolate Strawberries
Chocolate Strawberries
$3.75 Each
Cordial Cherries<br>
Cordial Cherries
$2.75 Each
Glace Apricots<br>
Glace Apricots
$22.50 (Box of 6)
Glace Ginger<br>
Glace Ginger
$39.00 lb.
Glace Lemon Peel<br>
Glace Lemon Peel
$39.00 lb.
Glace Orange Peel<br>
Glace Orange Peel
$39.00 lb.
72% Glace Orange Slices<br>
Glace Orange Slices
$22.50 (Box of 6)
French Mint Bars<br>
French Mint Bars
$30.00 (Box of 10)
Graham Crackers<br>
Graham Crackers
$11.00 (Box of 4)
Kiddie Pops <br>
Kiddie Pops
$17.50 (Box of 20)
Legendary Fudge<br>
Legendary Fudge
$30.00 lb.
Maple Walnut Creams<br>
Maple Walnut Creams
$32.00 lb.
All-American "Smores"
$17.25 (Box of 3)
Marshmallow Bars<br>
Marshmallow Bars
$32.00 lb.
72% Marzipan Acorns<br>
72% Marzipan Acorns
$35.00 (Box of 20)
Marzipan Rolls<br>
Marzipan Rolls
$26.25 (Box of 7)
Mellow Mints<br>
Mellow Mints
$32.00 lb.
Molasses Crunch<br>
Molasses Crunch
$32.00 lb.
Caramel & Nougat Bars<br>
Caramel & Nougat Bars
$18.75 (Box of 5)
$23.00 lb.
Pecan Chews<br>
Pecan Chews
$36.00 lb.
Cashew Chews<br>
Cashew Chews
$36.00 lb.
Raisin Clusters<br>
Raisin Clusters
$32.00 lb.
Peanut Clusters<br>
Peanut Clusters
$32.00 lb.
Chocolate Oreos<br>
Chocolate Oreos
$15.00 (Box of 10)
Peanut Butter Cups<br>
Peanut Butter Cups
$18.00 (Box of 6)
Pecan Pralines<br>
Pecan Pralines
$16.50 (Box of 6)
Chocolate Pretzels<br>
$17.00 (Box of 20)
Raspberry Jelly Bars<br>
Raspberry Jelly Bars
$18.75 (Box of 5)
PB&J Bars<br>
PB&J Bars
$18.75 (Box of 5)
Pistachio Nougat Bars<br>
Pistachio Nougat Bars
$18.75 (Box of 5)
Hazelnut Truffle Squares<br>
Hazelnut Truffle Squares
$34.00 (Box of 8)
Hazelnut Truffle Rounds<br>
Hazelnut Truffles
$31.50 (Box of 18)
Gourmet Truffles<br>
$31.50 (Box of 18)
Sugar Free Options
Sugar Free Options
Dairy Free Options
Dairy Free Options

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